Education Reforms and Parenting During Corona

COVID-19 has changed the face of global education. As per data available, over 1.2 billion children are unable to attend regular classes. Due to which there has been a dramatic increase in e-learning methods and platforms, where teaching is remote and on digital platforms. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of learning remotely.

Uncertainty, limited interaction with the outside world, and unpredictability of the future have made it tough for both parents and children alike to maintain their sense of calm and peace. As a parent, it is imperative to make your child feel safe, ensure their healthy routines, look after their mental well-being, be cognizant of any behavioral changes and encourage them to build resilience. Research has shown that online classes have shown improved retention and in the long run, have been more convenient; which means that these are some changes that are here to stay, even post the pandemic.

In all parts of the world, teachers, students and parents alike are moving education towards online kids classes. Most schools in India have adapted to this new normal. Educational institutions that had prior adoption of technology, transitioned quickly with significant success; similarly, with students who had prior experience of taking online classes, the shift was much smoother. With varying degrees of success, we know one thing for sure, COVID-19 triggered online teaching methods are here to stay.

E-learning is a sphere much larger than academics; it also means conducting and attending online conferences, webinars, and extracurricular activities. It is a great way to master a hobby or just to engage in and acquire new skills, with proper guidance. Thanks to the ease of online learning, the demand for online classes has increased and so has the number of platforms providing these services.

Online classes have a lot of positives.

Increased Attendance

Being able to attend classes from the comfort of your home leaves little room to miss classes. Students save a lot of time commuting and parents don’t have to worry about their pick up and drop. Both are free to plan their schedules better, do more with all the free time on their hands and there is less absenteeism. This also makes the child more alert and attentive because they have fewer things to worry about. Increased attendance also means more retention for their ever distracted brains. With less movement around them at home, the young ones are able to grasp better during online classes. Educational or even hobby classes conducted online are super interactive, engaging, and full of resources, right at the fingertips of your young ones, which not only makes learning fun but easy and comfortable. As parents, attending these classes with your child can make you both grow emotionally and physically closer. 

Increased Reach and Access

Learning is now not bound to resources that might be limited to geographical boundaries, which might be a distance of a few miles for most. As long as students have a device handy with connectivity, learning can occur anywhere. This also means that bright students are not limited to the set curriculum of the school and have the opportunity to explore all the options to challenge themselves. Similarly, students who require help, also have the pool of best teachers across the globe at their fingertips. For instance, it might be difficult for a child in India to learn and interact in a different language, say, French. But attending an online class might not just bring them the right opportunities but also connect them to other students who share similar interests. This helps them form friendships beyond borders – and encourages a more rounded personality. Increased access expands their horizons significantly, gives them a fresh perspective, and provides unlimited opportunities.

Encouraging Introverted Students

Taking part in extracurricular activities or coping up with ‘meeting’ so many kids at school can be overwhelming for shy kids. Online classes for kids might just be the solution for it. Students who are generally withdrawn in class can take part in online discussions, as per studies. E-learning provides a sociable environment that allows the students to be surrounded by everything commonplace and be more forthcoming. Participation forms a crucial part of child development and enrolling them in online classes can be very encouraging for introverted students. For instance, a shy kid might never participate in a school drama in spite of being interested. But if it so happened, that you as parents could find them an online class where they could express their emotions and share them with others without having to face them physically, would get them to open up considerably. It could be a win-win for both of you and can definitely help your child follow their hearts, without any awkwardness.

Increase Productivity

Online classes have proved to be an extremely efficient means for institutions to deliver classes. Both the teacher and the student can complete tasks with the click of a button. Submitting assignments, interacting with others, sharing notes, completing tests, taking quizzes – everything is made available. The students can also record the lessons to review them later, which is a significant benefit for students and parents alike. A great way to increase productivity would be to set up a designated space for your child; it could be the dining table, or a small corner in the house – away from distractions like mobile phones and televisions. It is a small trick into making the brain believe that they are in this spot to learn or to complete their tasks. Setting it up in a well-lit space will keep their mind active and alert. Also before your child begins with their online classes, make sure they have all the resources they might require for the duration, for instance, water, highlighter, pens, or copies.

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