Best Legit Stay At Home Mom Jobs for 2021 (Scam Free)

Are you a homemaker? Do you also want to earn while taking care of your home and your kids? Well, after this corona outbreak, we are all aware of the Work From Home (WFH) thing. It has been a boon for the IT industry. And whatever it may be, but one thing is sure that even by being at home you can contribute to the big fat MNCs and earn a good amount of money. If that is okay, then you must have thought it shouldn’t be that difficult to start or restart your career after marriage or after pregnancies. Even if you might have started something but in this world full of positivity and technological advancement, some people misuse it. Keeping you away from scams and giving you legit options of working and earning from home is what we aim to do.

Writing blogs

If you write journals more often and even you love to write a diary, then this will be the right choice for you. Although blogging is not like writing normal articles, journals, or diaries. It requires a bit of knowledge and awareness but nothing that you can not acquire easily. Here we have got a quick guide for you on how to do the same.

The first thing you would need to do is gain traffic for your blog and for that you will need to lean affiliation marketing. Numerous tutorials are available for learning those on youtube you can browse and learn through it easily!

Freelance writing

The one that we have seen earlier is to start your blog. If you are finding it difficult to learn affiliation marketing or search engine optimization and you are not able to increase traffic on your blog then this might be the solution for you. You can write your blogs under someone who knows these things! They will be paying you for writing articles only and what could be better than this? Browse through different freelancing providing websites and you are all done to earn money by being at home!

Being a virtual assistant

Well, being your boss is a thing that everyone wants. And for moms like you, it is always a priority of being your boss. Virtual assistant, unlike its name, is a thing that provides part-time or full-time employment to home-staying moms. Bloggers hire some people to fulfill the tasks. They can be social media managers, graphic designers, video editors, Content writing or SEO management, and many more. You can surely be one of them. Just having one of those skills and you will be earning thousands of bucks by just being at home and working at your convenience.

Managing Pinterest

Do you also love surfing Pinterest? Well, it might be your hobby or a thing that you like to do in your free time as of now. But guess what? You can earn through it! If you are good at Pinterest and know it inside out then these are the skills that people are looking for and even they are ready to pay a handsome amount to you for it. Just offer them the Pinterest knowledge and surfing skills that you have and they will be telling you to manage their Pinterest accounts. Generally, bloggers look for people like these who can help them with this kind of thing.

Be an event organizer

Are you a management brat? Do you enjoy managing things? Are you good at it? Then being an event organizer would just be cheery on the cake for you. There are not always big fat weddings that one needs planning for but there are certain other occasions where people look for good managers. It can be birthday parties, anniversary parties, success parties, farewell parties, and many more. These are not very large scale parties and are easy to coordinate if you know the basics and have some contacts. Well, you can offer your services for the same. It won’t need you to go outside every day but once or twice a month will be good. And yes. You can earn a good amount of money from here too!

Sell your handwriting as fonts

What can be better than earning a handsome amount of money by selling what you are awesome at? Did you also have to write names on everyone’s notebooks or headings on their projects because you are so good at writing them? Well, you can sell that talent too! You just need to find an online platform like Etsy or a creative market that buy handwriting and use them as fonts. Selling digital products is always a fruitful way of earning money as in this era of digitalization, there is a dire need for people who can convert physical resources to digital resources and this would be just perfect for you!

Being a bookkeeper

Are you good at keeping things organized? Then bookkeeping might sound like something you would enjoy doing! You do not need much for doing this, just being good with numbers and keeping things organized. All the big companies like MNCs or even small ventures need someone to look after their books. They need them to maintain their finances and this is a job that you can do even by staying at your home! There are people out there who hire for the same and contrary to what you might be thinking right now, many people can not do this job. So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and start earning!

Become a proofreader

If you enjoy reading and have that grammar Nazi character inbuilt in you then trust me, you would enjoy doingtthddoing this tuff is need for people who can correct the mistakes that one makes while writing books, essays, or articles, and the person who solves this problem is known as a proofreader! You can go for it.

Taking Surveys

With the least prerequisites for your work, that’s just your phone or laptop, you can get started with this job. Taking surveys has been always one of those jobs which give plenty of cash with a little amount of work. Just make a dedicated email ID for this purpose and go on mailing people regarding the survey. And that’s it! Now go and find people who need dedicated surveyors like you!

Being a Moderator

Have you loved anchoring or speeches in your school days? Did oratory was your thing in college? Then moderating events is a job profile that fits perfectly for you! Their iseseveralents, webinars, meetings that happen, and organizations need moderators for it. You just need a smile on your face, confidence in your speech, and attentiveness for it and you are good to go!


We think that we have brought enough opportunities of the kind you were looking for. Being a mom and homemaker is not at all an easy task and you are very strong and determined if you think of opting for a job. We wish you all the best for your plannings ahead and also hope that this article has helped you!

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