How Long & What Temperature Do You Bake Frozen Lasagna?

All the frozen lasagnas lovers already know how delicious it tastes after getting baked. It is a perfect meal for when you do not have time to cook food and satisfy your hunger pangs to the fullest.

You will be surprised to know that a frozen lasagna when reheated is far tastier and satisfying to your taste buds than a freshly made one. 

When prepared with fresh and ample amounts of vegetables, ingredients, and flavors, lasagna can taste like heaven. 

Lasagna is extremely easy to make and is very convenient when you are busy as you can freeze it and eat whenever you want. The best part? It can be frozen for up to 6 months!! Provided you wrap it properly.

However, there is no point in baking a frozen lasagna as long as you are unaware of storing and freezing it.

There are two ways to freeze lasagna: either before baking or after baking it.

Here’s how you can store and freeze a lasagna:


  1. Find a baking dish that is freezer friendly is significant. Most glass baking dishes are freezer friendly. 
  2. Place an aluminum foil on the baking dish before putting the lasagna into it as it will make it easier for you to take out the lasagna after it’s frozen and when you want to eat it. This will also make it easier for you to use the dish again.
  3. You can freeze meat as well as vegetarian lasagna. Prepare and assemble it as you do.
  4. You can either freeze the lasagna along with the baking dish till you use it. You can also do it the other way if you want your baking dish. Placing the aluminum foil on the baking dish and putting lasagna into it, cover the upper portion with aluminum foil. Freeze it overnight and take out the lasagna with the aluminum foil underneath and freeze it again. This way, your baking dish would be free to use also.
  5. Do not forget to label the date on the lasagna when you freeze it, so you know when to finish it off!


you would freeze baked lasagnas mostly after eating it a bit. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. After you eat the lasagna, let it cool completely. When it has come to room temperature, store it in a refrigerator for an hour or so to set correctly, making it easy to handle.
  2. Split the portions of lasagna for individual servings by cutting it into small or large pieces of squares.
  3. Wrap the pieces of lasagna with the help of cling wrap properly, which is freezer friendly.
  4. Again, do not forget to label the lasagna with the date you are freezing it on.
  5. Now you are ready to freeze the lasagna. After they have frozen, you can also put them in a large plastic zip-lock as per your convenience.

Baking frozen lasagna is an easy method, and here we have given you al the steps to do it:

If you bring a store packed lasagna, it would have all the instructions on the baking time and temperature.

Baking Time: ideally, it takes about 90 minutes to bake lasagna in a preheated oven if your lasagna is thawed. However, if you are taking it out straight from the freezer, it will take about 1.5 hours to bake it. It would initially help if you baked the lasagna with the plastic covering and vents cut into it. After that, you need to bake it again, but the cheese gets fully melted after removing the plastic covering.

Baking Temperature: Between 375 degrees and 400 degrees, baking lasagna is ideal for baking lasagna straight from the freezer. If you have prepared a fresh lasagna, you will need to thaw it before baking.

If you want to reduce the time of baking, splitting it into small individual pieces will also help you. Also, when storing the lasagna by cutting it into pieces or in a freezer bag, make sure that you remove the air in them as much as you can to be stored for a longer time.

If you want to reheat your lasagna a little, you can do the same in a microwave by placing it into it for about 1.5 minutes and then again for 30 to 40 seconds

Some tips on reheating your lasagna:

  1. There is a high chance that the lasagna may dry out while reheating. To prevent this, add a little extra sauce to it when reheating not to taste bad.
  2. Before reheating the lasagna, look for any foul smell or discoloration in the lasagna. If you find it, throw it right away as it has got spoiled.
  3. You can also reheat the lasagna as many times as you want. Heating it before eating is always a safe step as it removes all the bacteria from it.
  4. You can also reheat your lasagna in a microwave, oven, air fryer, and a skillet.

Additional Tip: Lasagna can ideally be frozen for up to six months; however, if you want to stay at a safer side, we would suggest you use it within three months of freezing.

Also, lasagna gets spoiled within 2-3 days when kept in a refrigerator rather than a freezer.

You are going to thank us later for this quick and short recipe we have provided to you to make vegetarian lasagna below!

  1. Chop your favorite vegetables into small pieces and roast them with some oil, onion, and garlic in a pan.
  2. Brush the baking dish with oil, spread some tomato sauce, lasagna sheets, veggies, and cheese. Repeat the layering till you cover 3/4th of the height of the baking dish.
  3. Preheat the oven and then bake the lasagna at the required temperature and time and enjoy the fantastic delicious lasagna.

If you want to make a meat lasagna, repeat the same process. Only replace the vegetables with meat pieces. You can also put some vegetables along with the meat to increase your lasagna’s nutritional value.

Lasagna is a great dish to make if you don’t get much time to cook and a tasty dish that everyone from children to adults loves eating.

Isn’t it so easy? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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