Pregnancy During Coronavirus Pandemic

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period of time that is full of excitement and expectations. 

But not in 2021… 

For pregnant women facing an outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), fear, anxiety and uncertainty cast a shadow over this happy period.

It is known that pregnant women around the world face surprises and challenges, which are a natural part of every mother’s journey during pregnancy and childbirth. 


Facing universal restrictions imposed by the circumstances of the spread of the Coronavirus is something that was not taken into consideration.

Unusual And Stressful Precautions

All pregnant women around the world were wondering if continuation of prenatal visits is safe?

Many expectant mothers fear going to consultations.. 

..even though they take precautions like staying at home and practicing social distancing when going out!

I’ve been there too… 

I was pregnant with my second child when the quarantine order started in the state where I live. 

My baby girl was due in April 2020…

… and when the crisis began I found myself in a very stressful situation. 

I was afraid to go to regular medical examinations while adhering to the necessary precautions to avoid infection with Covid-19. 

These visits were uncomfortable to do with these unusual precautions. 

Not only that… 

The health care workers were spending less time and practicing the social distancing orders during the visit to protect themselves as well. 

The whole environment was very stressful, 


… we have no other option but to deal with it as it is.

Preparing To Meet The Little New Baby

Nothing beats the cuteness of newborn cloths and stuff

With the orders to stay at home and the closure of the shopping centers, I faced many challenges in terms of preparing for the birth of my baby and the postpartum needs. 

Even when shopping online, I was wiping and cleaning everything before opening it. 

Yet, not everything was easy to find and shop online. 

That’s being said…

The biggest and hardest challenge of all was staying away from my family and friends for several months before and after delivery. 

Dealing with the situation was difficult! 

But the good part is that I was able to communicate with my beloved ones from a distance..

Hats off to all the social media platforms for making this happen!

The Hospital Rule: Providing Emotional Support 

The anxiety about childbirth alone is one that midwives take very seriously. 

However, during this deadly pandemic, they have to take it to the highest level. 

Their role is to provide emotional support to pregnant women, as well as women who have just given birth while being asked to keep physical contact to a minimum. 

The latest is of course the hardest to do with a woman who just gave birth. Yep!

When partners were not allowed to be present at the birth, midwives resorted to making video calls. 

Well, it is not the best, but it makes the situation a little bit better.. 

It allows them to talk to the person they prefer during labor as well as share the baby’s first cry…

After Birth..

It is also important to continue to receive professional support and advice, including the baby’s routine immunizations. 

These are very critical and must be given on time!

Try not to miss any single appointment.. 

All things considered… 

The best thing to do is to take whatever necessary to prevent yourself from being contaminated with COVID-19

Remember, Mommy.. 

You are the only person who makes the little newborn feel good and no one will know how to take care of him more than you.. 

That’s said.. 

Make yourself and the baby a priority during these critical conditions!


Enjoy The Little Things.. 

There is always wonder in everything available in our life and hand. 

Just try to focus on these things, whatever they are; big or small, and enjoy them to the max

There Is Nothing In Life that Is Truly Important Than FAMILY..

The Coronavirus crisis changed the lives of millions of people around the world and caused millions of people to become ill and hundreds of thousands of them dead

Nothing Lasts Forever.. 

This sentence explains the life we live nowadays. 

Everything was changed during this deadly pandemic, and the new norms will stay for a long time, even when the pandemic is over. 

Appreciate the In-Person Conversation and Communication…

Nothing compares to dealing with other people face-to-face. 

With distance communication, the most important thing in any conversation is missing… body language! 

Make Sure To Pass The Message..

Don’t forget to tell your kids about all what happened in the world during this insecure period. 

The good and the bad things are important, both serve to save and protect us. 

We Have NO Limits..

Raising kids these days taught us that we are really stronger than we think. 

The Pandemic taught us more about our strength, resilience, and courage.


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