Tips to Soothe Fussy Kids and Make Them Calm

Babies mostly sleep for about 20 hours a day. The sleeping hours and pattern changes as they grow up. The bones and the sleeping time become less as the child grow. 

The crying process of a child starts from 2 weeks after birth, and it gradually declines by 3 to 4 month. The peak of crying is approximately 6 weeks after birth.

According to the result, mostly babies have a Fussy period in new birth it’s mostly at midnight and for the older babies it’s evening or night. 

There are some reasons which make kids uncomfortable or a reason to cry. 

Which are discussed below:

  • They might be hungry. They have a small appetite which makes them hungry again and again. 
  • They are tried. 
  • They are feeling cold or hot. 
  • They have gas. Which is commonly found in childs. 
  • They needed to be comforted. It can be done by swaddling or a warm hug by parents. 

Tips for newly parents to soothe their child accordingly. 

When you are a new parent everything seems to be pretty hard. As, it’s not easy to keep an eye on a child who is 24 hours with you and can’t even speak.

There are plenty of reasons which can un calm the child as it is also the one coping in this world and trying to figure out to maintain its life in it. 

When a child is Fussy or irritated or cries. Few tips are to soothe them out:

  1. Swaddle the child up. The swaddling makes them calm and comfortable as a mother’s arm. 
  2. Turn on the calming sound. Or parents should speak in a manner that a child feels comfortable hearing their parents voice. As, that’s the only voice a child can knows and feel comfort with. 
  3. Rock the baby or carry it and walk around it resembles them as they are in womb. 
  4. Keep a diary to track your child’s eating, sleeping and crying patterns. 
  5. If your child has recently eaten and still couldn’t calm down or cries use a pacifier or a child thumb to make them suck it up. As it’s in a child’s nature to suck their thumb they have started it once they weren’t even born yet, in the mother womb. 
  6. Avoid overfeeding and make your child’s position in such a way that the gas doesn’t build up. 
  7. Sometimes the reason for a child being Fussy is food sensitivity. 
    • If you are a mother who breastfeeds a child. Keep on track of your food as well. Some foods may cause irritation or gastric issues in children. It’s not scientifically proven but cabbage has shown results to plenty of mothers. Cabbage causes gastric issues. 
    • If your child takes bottle-feed. Then consult your doctor for the formula change. Every artificial milk isn’t suitable for the kids. Some formulas can react to babies’ tommy. 

Checklist parents should keep in mind when a child is crying. 

It’s hard for the new parents to understand the reason why the child is crying and feeling discomfort. So they should keep track of everything. Some extra tips which can help out the parents to understand their newly born child are:

  • A parent should keep the track of their child’s hunger. There are some signs which let the parents know about their children’s hunger such as lip smacking, moving their fits or their mouth. 
  • Clothing plays an important role in a child’s comfort. The material and the layers should be kept in mind. Too many layers can make the child uncomfortable. 
  • The diaper should be used of cotton quality so that it doesn’t rash down there. In the first few months’ child urine and poop a lot as they have small stomachs to carry their food. 
  • As it’s new for the child to feed through their mouth. So, it causes issues and babies of a few weeks puke a lot due to overeating, indigestion or the wrong angle while feeding. These things should be kept in mind. 
  • Sickness is also mostly common among children. As they are sensitive to this world and germs can attack them easily and they are coping up with this world. Mostly children get the temperature. So parents should keep the track of their temperature as well. (if the child is less than 2 months and has a fever, contact the doctor as soon as possible.) 
  • Bored or need attention. Sometimes there is no major reason for them to cry other than they are bored or need parent’s attention toward themselves. Go for a walk, talk to your child or sing. It helps in making the bond stronger between parents and a child. 


The child himself is coping to adjust with this world. As its new for him/her too. Being inside the womb and comfort of his mother’s womb, in the water bag, the child now has to do things on his own. Breath, eat, move and different things as they grow up. 

They couldn’t speak or express their feelings so it gets pretty hard for the parent to find out how to soothe their child and what they are in need of. 

Sometimes it’s overwhelming for new parents to understand the needs of a child but it gets easier as the time passes and the child grows. 

The parents themselves should take care of themselves and avoid being exhausted which can cause irritation and can directly, indirectly affect your child’s health. 

Every human needs love and affection but the child needs it the most. So it is the parents responsibility to treat them accordingly or they will be in need of love and affection which may cause issues in their mental and physical health while growing. 

It’s pretty hard to take care of a child. So personal health is also important. Sometimes it gets pretty hard to have a good sleep during pregnancy and even after the child is born. So with their child’s health parents should keep the track of their health as well. 

Go outside, eat, relax, watch a movie and talk to your significant other about your emotions, feelings and experience with the child. Support each other emotionally and physically. As, it’s one of the biggest blessings to be blessed with a child. It is a big responsibility but enjoy each and every moment with your baby and your spouse. The time will pass soon and you will create wonderful family memories together. 

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