Why Do Toddlers Have Fat Bellies?

When your dear little one starts crawling, walking, and then running, you might expect that his body will come to the normal morph as he grows mature. But when your young child is growing, you may notice a little fat and round belly even when he gets older.

Parents may wonder about many issues that come with the child, but your toddler’s round belly may not be one of them. This belly fat can not disappear immediately, and the truth is that it might take a long time for his belly fat to disappear. Let’s discuss some reasons why your toddlers have a round belly.

1. Position of Stomach

According to a book, the early toddler’s stomach sits horizontally. But the position of the abdomen will change when your child grows older. When the little toddler is almost two years old, his stomach’s position moderately shifts to a vertical position from the horizontal position. The shifting of the stomach may resolve the issue of this round, sweet belly.

2. Position of Lungs

Toddlers also have lungs and other organs comparatively more massive than the body size of the young child. This occupies more space, and the belly looks a bit fat as long as the child grows.

Furthermore, when toddlers breathe in, the lungs become a bit bigger because they fill the lungs. The diaphragm also moves downward, and the tummy looks fuller. As the toddler grows and its organ comes into the place, the fat belly’s problem is resolved.

3. Proper Nutrition

The size of the stomach of a 2-month baby is more than the size of a golf ball. Therefore when the toddler takes proper nutrition, its belly becomes fat because the child has a tiny stomach compared to the right nutrients they take.

The need for nutrition for a toddler is a little more. They fill the tummy often and take nutrition up to their fill. This is also a reason behind the fat midsection of the baby.

4. Health Issues

Health issues can also be the reason for fat belly. Not very severe health issues but issues like stomach aches, a lot of gas, hard potty times, or other problems may occur. If your child is having food allergies or leaky gut, this can also be the reason behind the fat abdominal. The sooner you figure out these problems, the easier it is to fix.


As toddlers don’t have a spine, this can also be a reason behind a little one’s round tummy. Because when an adult stands, the spine straightens, and the stomach also looks flat.

Moreover, the young ones also don’t have the muscle strength or structure like adults. Therefore the stomach of little ones looks fat. But as the spine comes into its shape and form, the tummy of the child becomes fat.

5. Other related problems

Having a regular round sweet belly is normal, but if your toddler’s belly looks abnormally large, you should figure out the main problem behind it. This can be due to various reasons, including the tummy’s growth explosion, and the tummy eventually becomes less prominent. 

Another reason is that maybe the toddler has some bloating problems, constipation, or food tolerance. Improper nutrition can cause issues like cramps and diarrhea. Mainly due to the low consumption of lactose. If your toddler is facing such problems, then it’s time to visit the doctor.

Tips to reduce fat bellies in toddlers

Getting rid of the fat bellies of your toddler naturally can also be a great question to ask by a lot of parents. So here are some tips that would keep your baby super healthy.

  1. Play

The best way for the exercise of your toddler is to play. You can play tag, hide and seek, or ball with your toddler or any other game that your toddler likes.

You can keep your toddler active by having a dance party in your home or going for a walk with your little in a park. Doctors also recommend doing fun activities with your child instead of encouraging them to do something on their own.

Moreover, you can make sessions to motivate your child to do fun activities for at least 60 minutes a day.  This is preferable for children of age 5 to 6. And to maintain good health CDC recommends doing aerobic exercise 3 days a week to keep your child super healthy.

Along with aerobic activities, muscle strengthening and bone-strengthening activities are also important. Make sure to add them to your child’s daily activities, such as climbing and jumping. You can also plan a family fun physical activity once a week. This will help you train your kid too to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Food and drink

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your children is essential to encourage them to eat healthy food instead of chicken nuggets and greasy fries. But to keep their habit, you need to motivate them to try new food with you. For this, you can arrange some fun parties for healthy food.

Eating and drinking healthy will keep your toddler healthy and away from different diseases that may cause severe long term problems if your child has a habit of drinking sugary beverages like juices or cold drinks. Then you can help them to replace sugary beverages with water gradually.

Encouraging them to drink water instead of sweetened drinks would help your baby cut this habit permanently. Your little help can give you the best results and help your kid carry a healthy lifestyle.

Children observe everything they see. A study recommends filling your toddler plate with the same meal as on your plate. Make sure to have fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy protein in your meal plate. And the same healthy food but the appropriate proportion of nutrients in your little one’s plate. If they observe you are enjoying your healthy food, they will also enjoy theirs.

  1. Talk

The best way to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle is by talking with your children about their day. This will remove all their temptations. Maintaining a good habit to make family priorities during the evening meal times is the best way to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle and Carry out a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, switching off your TV during family times is also a step towards a healthy lifestyle. As children observe you the most so firstly, you have to limit your screen timings and then ask your children to do so.

During your family times, you can let your children speak about their feelings. This will help you learn about their physical and emotional health and ultimately help you resolve their issues.


It’s not always possible that your baby is having health issues if they have a round tummy. But never neglect the mother’s intentions and get checked by a pediatrician. And if no such problem occurs, then relax and enjoy the precious time with your little before this time flies quickly.

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