Giving a home to a child is the best deed one can do!” 

Adoption is a very humble decision to take because it gives people hope to complete their families and built an excellent and robust connection among them if they are not able to raise one. Some couples and singles mainly adopt a child because women struggle with infertility or some other medical issues. 

Adopting a kid adds joy and bliss to the family and gives a home to the children who need it. But people should be mentally, physically and financially stable before adopting a kid so that they can adequately raise him/ her and fulfill all their required needs. The most important thing that people should always keep in mind is the age of the child they are adopting because the age of that kid affects all the other factors. 

Mention below is the reasons to adopt the following age group child. 

0 – 5 Year Age Group

This is the best age to adopt a child because, at this age, the child does not know much about the outer surrounding and has not even started to develop his/her mind ultimately. This is the fun and learning age of the kid because the reason is in the process of creating. 

He/she does not think much and diverts his/her mind towards playing and enjoying. Though adopting a 5 – year – the old child will be much more complicated than adopting a 2 – year – old. This is because it is easy to mould the mindset, and he/she attaches more significantly at a younger age. 

6 – 10 Year Age Group 

Adopting a child at this age might turn out too difficult because the mind of the kid stars to develop more actively after the age of 5, and he/she gets more conscious about the surroundings. 

But still, it is better to adopt a younger child than adopting an 11 – year old. Because at this age, we can manipulate the thinking of the kid because he/she is innocent does not have information about what is right and what is wrong. This is an excellent time to explain to them what is best for them and make them believe that you will hold their hands forever. 

11 – 15 Year Age Group

This is the riskiest age to adopt a child because this is a preteen age. It means that children of this age start to enter in their teens and there are a lot of changes they grow through. They become moodier, and because they now interact more actively with their surroundings, it becomes difficult to manipulate or change their mindset as they want to make decisions of their own. 

In addition to this, they experience body changes and compare themselves to others which make it hard for parents to convince them about things. It does not mean that they do not deserve a home, every kid needs a family and the children of this age group are more in need of one. At this age, if you try a little harder, then you can build a connection with them which will last for a lifetime. 

16 – 20 Year Age Group

Children of this age group are aware of mostly everything. They know who they are and what they need. This is the age where they look forward to following their dreams and built a career for themselves. They will be making their own decisions and set their schedules. This will be the most crucial time for both parents and children if you decide to adopt a teenager because you both will learn many things. 

There might be chaos in making a mutual decision, but in the end, if you treat them with proper care, give them adequate attention and love them unconditionally, then this difficult task will be nothing. The main thing that you have to keep in mind while adopting kids of this age group is that you should have a good understanding and communication with them because these are the keys of having a smooth relationship. Once you have that trust and experience with your child, they will love you and accept you as their parents.  

20 + Age Group

When a person crosses his teenage, he/she is no longer considered as a child but as an adult. Adopting a person who is over 20 might not be a right choice because at this age the person has a sense about his wellbeing and pays attention in building a life of their own than making it with their parents. 

This is a confusing age group to adopt a child because, at this age, they are ready to build a family of their own. But some persons are there who are deprived of love and care from parents. There is no harm in adopting them and giving them the love they need because at every age we need a backbone which is our parents. Children of this age group will provide you with and treat you with more love and respect.

In addition to this, adoption is never wrong no matter what the age is, you need to give love to be loved by the kids. 

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  •  Children of this age are deprived of love and affection, and couples who need to build a family of their own are desperate to give their lovemaking this a best age group to adopt.
  • This is the crucial age to a built understanding with the kids because they are just developing their minds.
  • Kids of this age are innocent and are not much aware of their surroundings, making it easy for parents to grow them according to themselves.
  • It is easy to mould their mindsets and manipulate them to go in the right direction at this age as compared to older kids.
  • It gives a fresh start to both children and parents to built a family and make it last forever. 
  • Also, if you adopt babies, they do not have much memory of their birth parents, which help in convincing them that you are their birth parents. 
  • It is easier for kids of this age to adapt to the surroundings in which they are kept as compared to older ones. 


Adopting a child and giving them the home, they need is the best choice to make because you are not only spreading love and happiness but also motivating others to do the same. There are so many emotions included in this process having a similar result which is happiness. Tragically, so many children do not have a home and if you step up to give shelter to one, looking at you so many other people who were not ready to take this responsibility will get inspired. This chain will start, and maybe a time will come when no kid will be homeless, and nothing can be better than that.

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